items that have a length of 50 feet

10 Common Useful Items That Have a Length of 50 Feet

Are you trying to visualize what 50 feet looks like? The best way to do this is by comparing it to objects with known dimensions. Ideally, these objects should be around 50 feet in length.

 However, it might be challenging to find items that precisely measure 50 feet. Don’t worry, you can still understand the measurement by comparing 50 feet with multiples of smaller-sized items. All it requires is a bit of imagination.

┬áThis article has got your back! It lists ten different items that have a length of 50 feet and explains how you can use them to approximate a length of 50 feet. Let’s get started!

10 Usual Items That Have a Length of 50 Feet

1. Five Rings for Playing Basketball

basketball ring

Across the United States, basketball hoops are a familiar sight due to the widespread popularity of basketball. They serve as the focal point of the game, with players aiming to shoot the ball through them to earn points. 

The standard height for a basketball hoop is 10 feet from the ground, making it an ideal benchmark for items measuring 100 feet. Whether at high schools, colleges, universities, parks, streets, or driveways, you’ll typically find these hoops standing at a consistent 10 feet. 

Thus, if you’re trying to grasp what a distance of 50 feet looks like, simply imagine five of these hoops laid end-to-end on the ground.

2. Five Leisure Kayaks


If you’ve ever explored the rivers, lakes, and coastal waters across the U.S., you’re likely acquainted with recreational kayaks.

 These are typically shorter, wider, and more stable compared to other types of kayaks, with an average length of about 10 feet. This design and size are recommended by experts for navigating slow-moving waters. 

To visualize a distance of 50 feet, imagine lining up five of these recreational kayaks from end to end.

3. Nine 2022 Subaru Foresters 

Subaru Forester

Among American consumers, the Subaru Forester is a top choice. This compact SUV offers dependable all-wheel drive, ample space for family belongings, and impressive safety scores.

 The 2022 model stands as one of the tallest at roughly 5.6 feet, not counting the roof rails. 

To visualize a distance of 50 feet, think of it as stacking nine of these vehicles – you’d fall short by just 0.4 feet.

4. Ten Double-Seater Sofas

Double-Seater Sofas

A loveseat, designed to comfortably seat two people, is a type of sofa often found in compact living areas like small apartments or rooms. It can also be seen in bedrooms.

 Generally shorter than the average sofa, a loveseat measures around 60 inches or five feet in length.

 To imagine its size, picture ten loveseats lined up next to each other – that would stretch about 50 feet.

5. Ten Mattresses of Queen Size

Mattresses of Queen Size

The majority of American households prefer queen-size mattresses as it provide ample room for either a couple or a single person with children or pets. 

These mattresses are quite spacious, with dimensions of 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width.

 To put it in perspective, if you were to align ten of these mattresses side by side based on their width, they would stretch up to 50 feet. 

Their standardized size also makes them an ideal point of reference for other measurements like 14 feet.

6. A half-trailer


Also referred to as a semi-trailer truck, a semi-trailer is a sizable trailer utilized in the transport sector for various tasks, such as supplying manufacturing plants with raw materials and transporting consumer products and industrial machinery. 

The majority of these semi-trailers you see on interstates and highways typically measure between 48-53 feet in length. Despite this slight variation, they serve as fantastic benchmarks for estimating a distance of 50 feet.

7. Nine Adult Americans

Adult American

Naturally, human height varies depending on the country of residence. The Dutch are known to be the tallest, with an average male height exceeding six feet. 

In contrast, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the average American stands at about five feet four inches tall. 

Hence, if one were to line up five average American adults from head to toe, the resulting ‘human tower’ would stand roughly 50 feet high.

8. Three Angled Parking Spaces

Angled Parking Spaces

Spaces designated for temporary vehicle storage, commonly known as parking spaces, are typically located in residential neighborhoods, garages, public parking areas, side roads and alleys.

 One of the most prevalent types is the angled or perpendicular parking space which measures approximately 17 feet in length. 

Therefore, visualizing three of these spaces lined up consecutively would be just shy of 50 feet. 

On the other hand, parallel parking spaces have a standard length of 20 feet. Hence, a line-up of four such spaces would suffice as a reference point.

9. Ten Park Benches of Three

Park Benches of Three

Park benches, typically crafted from either metal or wood, can either be fixed or portable. These seating arrangements are frequently seen in areas like neighborhoods, public parks, and college campuses, offering a place for individuals to unwind and appreciate the natural surroundings. 

Although park benches vary in size, the ones that comfortably seat three people are prevalent and usually measure around five feet in length. 

To visualize a distance of 50 feet, imagine ten of these common park benches lined up one after the other.

10. A Quarter Hockey Rink

 Hockey Rink

An ice hockey rink is a unique, ice-covered area designed specifically for playing ice hockey. 

It has a rectangular shape and is enclosed by walls or boards to ensure that players and the puck remain within the playing field. 

All NHL matches take place on a rink of standard dimensions, which is 200 feet in length.

 Therefore, if you’re acquainted with these rinks, you can visualize 50 feet as one-fourth of its total length.

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