10 things that are 6 inches long

10 Common Useful Things That Are 6 Inches Long with pics

Six inches, which is approximately 15.4 centimeters or 0.5 feet, is considered a small measurement and is almost the size of a human hand. This is why people often use the phrase it’s about the size of my hand when describing an object that is roughly six inches long. 

To help you visualize this length, we have put together a list of 10 things that are 6 inches long approximately, including the iPhone 13 and small balls. You may be surprised at how many familiar objects match this size!

10 Everyday Things That Are 6 Inches Long

1. US Dollar Note

US note

The US dollar note, also referred to as a paper dollar or federal reserve note, is the official currency of the United States. Although physical currency usage may have decreased recently, it continues to be widely accepted as a means of payment, making it familiar to most people within the US. 

Regardless of their denomination, all US dollar notes are considered equal and measure 2.25 inches in width and 6.14 inches in length—just slightly longer than six inches. 

If you currently have one in your wallet, take it out and put an end to any confusion about the length of six inches.

2.iPhone 13 by Apple

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 comes highly recommended for those who appreciate top-notch technology and are passionate about Apple products.

The iPhone 13 is widely used in its main markets, such as the United States, so it’s likely that you have one. This smartphone has a 6.1-inch display, which means if you have it with you, take it out and measure the screen diagonally from bottom left to top right to gauge its size. 

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro, with a 5.78-inch display, is a good comparison for six-inch screens.

3. A pair of debit cards

debit card

Debit cards provide access to funds from your checking account and are widely used in the US due to their convenience and security. They are universally accepted, just like US banknotes.

They are 3.37 inches long, making it easy to visualize the size of things that are 3 inches long.

 Moreover, debit cards and ATM cards share similar measurements, allowing for interchangeable use.

4. A pair of Baseballs


Baseball, a game involving a bat and ball, is contested by two teams of nine players each. With a history spanning over 150 years, it is widely considered the National pastime by most Americans. The sport’s popularity is immense, extending beyond the professional level to encompass millions of children participating in the Little League and adults competing in high schools and colleges.

 As a result, you are likely familiar with the dimensions of the baseball, which all conform to a diameter ranging from 2.86 to 2.94 inches in the United States. Consequently, envisioning two baseballs placed end to end would yield an approximate total length of 5.8 inches.

5. A set of four ping-pong balls

tennis ball

Ping-pong, also called table tennis, is a widely enjoyed recreational activity with millions of amateur players, despite not being as popular as baseball in the United States. If you’re familiar with the sport, you’ve likely seen the small, hollow, lightweight ball used in gameplay. 

These balls are typically 1.57 inches in diameter. When four of them are placed end to end, they measure 6.28 inches, just slightly less than our target length.

6. A pair of Hockey Pucks

Hockey pucks

Baseball is more popular than hockey in the United States, but hockey still has a substantial following due to its presence in youth and college leagues, as well as the National Hockey League (NHL)

The game is known for its fast pace and uses a three-inch diameter vulcanized rubber puck. If you can visualize it, two hockey pucks placed next to each other add up to six inches.

7. A total of 5 Paperclips


Paperclips are commonly used to hold multiple sheets of paper together and are typically made of plastic or wire in a loop shape. They are frequently utilized in schools, offices, homes, and various other environments for the purpose of organizing, storing, and displaying documents.

 The standard length for most paper clips is approximately 1.37 inches. Therefore, if you can envision five of these essential little tools, it would amount to a total length of around 6.85 inches.

Previously, we used them to measure 10 inches.

8. A total of eight golf balls


People of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds find enjoyment in playing golf, whether for leisure or as a professional pursuit. It is widely popular in the United States and involves using clubs to hit a ball into a sequence of holes.

 The standard diameter of the golf ball is 1.68 inches, which can be visualized as four balls placed end to end totaling 6.72 inches.

9. Six Bottle Caps


Bottle tops also referred to as crown tops, are widely recognized items that require little explanation. However, their significance may not be immediately apparent. Primarily utilized for sealing beverages and other liquids, they also hold cultural value and are sought after for their collectible nature. 

The standard bottle top typically has a 1.02-inch diameter and is commonly found on standard bottles. Visualizing six of these arranged in a line equates to a total length of 6.12 inches.

10. A pair of Pickleball


Pickleball, a rapidly growing sport, blends aspects of badminton, tennis, and table tennis.

 It has gained widespread appeal and is enjoyed by individuals of all ages, from children to seniors. 

The game utilizes a small ball that is approximately 2.92 inches in diameter, similar in size to a baseball. To visualize six inches, imagine two pickleballs arranged next to each other.

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