9 Common Useful Things having the same length(100 feet)

9 Common Useful things having the same length(100 feet)

Figuring out, how long is 100 feet?No need to worry.

In this article, we are going to talk about 9 common useful things having the same length(100 feet). This will surely help you to find things length. After checking these things, you can tell which things are 100 feet tall by just having a nice look.

9 Common Useful things having the same length (100 feet)

1. Jet aircraft: A Boeing 737-500


A Boeing 737-500 is 100 feet long.

In 1987, Southwest Airlines launched 737-500 aircraft. In 1990, it flew for the very first time. It was designed for shorter flights having a seating capacity of 110-132 people.

Although they gained popularity, now they are retired. If you have seen it, you can figure out how long is 100 feet.

2. Blue Wheel

blue whale

Did you know that the blue whale, attaining lengths of over 100 feet, is indisputably the largest creature to have ever lived on Earth?

 Its heart alone weighs as much as an automobile! The grandiosity and sheer scale of these marine leviathans inevitably command awe and respect. 

Unfortunately, incidents of ship strikes and entanglements in fishing gear pose significant threats to their survival.

3. Rolls-Royce Phantoms

Rolls Royce

US largest five-seater cars are 19 feet long. If we have 5 Roll Royce phantoms in a row, it would be 95 feet long.

Stepping inside a Rolls-Royce Phantom is like stepping into another world, one that espouses luxury, comfort, and uncompromising quality.

 It’s an unforgettable experience evoking echoes of timeless grace while whispering futuristic sleekness – like waltzing through history with the latest electro-pop tune humming in your ear.

 4. 7 Standard Cars

standard cars

Cars are of different varieties and different lengths. But the average length of a car is 14.7 feet.

If we place 7 standard cars side by side that would show 100 feet shy of 3 feet.

The magic lies precisely in their length, within that specific range that qualifies them as standard. They are neither too big to confound us with parking woes nor too small to compromise comfort – they’re just right!

5. Ten Kayaks

ten kayaks

Have you ever seen recreational Kayaks?

If you have even in pics, it is very easy for you to imagine how big is 100 feet. 

1 Kayak is 10 feet long. For 100 feet, we have to arrange 10 Kayaks in a row.

Now, they stand as a symbol of tranquility and adventure-seeking spirit. With their unique design refined over centuries, modern kayaks gracefully manage to blend ancient wisdom with the thrill of modern water sports.

6. 2 Shipping containers

Containers that are generally used in transporting goods from one place to another are 50 feet long.

I am sure you all have seen them on the roads and in oceans, generally, they are attached to trucks or ships. In fact, they are the same that we see on railway tracks being pulled by trains.

7.½  A Hockey Rink

Hockey rink

As per National Hockey League recommendation, all Hockey rinks are 200 feet long.

Not just another sports arena, it is an icy tableau where dreams are sculpted and heroes are forged. 

This dazzling stage, with its sleek surface reflecting radiant lights and echoing with the exciting clash of sticks and pucks, is far more than meets the eye.

Previously we used golf balls to measure 10 inches.

8. Eleven Car Parking Spaces

Parking spaces

Car parking spaces are of different lengths in different countries. 

In the US, they are 8.5-9 feet long.11 car parking spaces are 100 feet in length.

Look, you are parking your car daily. So, it is easy for you to tell how long is 100 feet.

9. Ten Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoop

A Basketball hoop is 10 feet long according to National Basketball Association.

Basketball is very famous among youth. It is often played at school and college level.

Hanging majestically from a 10-foot pole, the basketball hoop is more than just a circular piece of iron—it’s the nucleus of every nerve-wracking game, the destination of every hopeful shot, and the dream dangling above every player’s head. 

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