Funny Roasts To Tell Your Friends

52 Savage And Funny Roasts To Tell Your Friends

Friends who can dish out insults and roasts without taking offense are indeed the best kind of friends. It shows a level of comfort and understanding in the relationship where humor is used as a way to bond. However, it’s important to remember that there is a fine line between playful banter and hurtful insults. The key is to ensure that the roasts are funny and light-hearted, rather than mean-spirited or hurtful. I’ve compiled the ultimate arsenal of savage and funny roasts to tell your friends speechless (in a good way, of course).

Timing also plays a crucial role in delivering funny roasts. It’s all about finding the right moment when your bestie is in a playful mood and open to some friendly teasing. By choosing the perfect time, you can enhance the comedic effect of your roast and make it even more enjoyable for both parties involved. So, embrace those friends who can roast you harder but always remember to keep it light-hearted and maintain respect for one another.

Good Roasts To Use On Friends

Funny Roasts To Tell Your Friends

Ah, the art of roasting! It’s all in good fun, isn’t it? When you and your best friend engage in playful banter and roast each other, it’s a sign of a strong bond. But hey, sometimes it can be tough to come up with those witty comebacks on the spot. That’s where I come in!

Roasting is all about being clever and funny, not hurtful or mean-spirited. So keep it light-hearted and make sure your friend knows you’re just playing around. Now, onto the comebacks! How about this one: Hey buddy, if laughter is the best medicine, then you must be curing the world with your jokes…because they’re so bad! Or how about this classic: You know what they say – behind every great person is a best friend who constantly roasts them!

Remember, the key to a good comeback is timing and delivery. So practice those lines and have fun with it! And always remember that true friends will never take offense to a little friendly teasing. Fun lovers can try this APK for complete entertainment package free in their lives

  1. I am the most intelligent person, and you are the least intelligent.
  2. It’s impossible for me to be angry with you because you’re insane, and I will be labeled as foolish if I engage in an argument with you.
  3. If given another opportunity to befriend you, I will choose to disregard you because I won’t make the same mistake twice.
  4. Unfortunately, while some individuals have wonderful friends, I am stuck with you.
  5. Once you witness your appearance while speaking, silence will become your preferred choice of communication.
  6. I’ve decided to stop insulting you because you don’t deserve my harsh words.
  7. You excel in all the wrong things, I must admit.
  8. It’s true that we tend to adopt the qualities of those we spend time with, and unfortunately, people often say I’ve become foolish.
  9. Whenever I compare you to the least intelligent person, they feel completely humiliated.
  10. When you’re around, you bring smiles to our faces, but as soon as you leave, laughter ensues.
  11. If only I had the power to travel through space, I would take you along and drop you off somewhere out there.
  12. It’s a regrettable fact that my taste in friends is terrible since I chose you as one of them.

Funny Roasts To Tell Your Friends


When you find yourself surrounded by friends but still feeling bored, injecting some humor and sarcasm into the situation can be just the ticket to liven things up. Sharing a joke is a great way to break the monotony and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Funny roasts are particularly effective in adding that extra element of fun.

  1. It is important for you to appreciate my presence, as I am the only companion you have.
  2. Whenever you speak, a mysterious phenomenon occurs where people vanish into thin air.
  3. Your actions are so shameful that I cannot even bring you along to my community.
  4. The breaths you take seem to extinguish life, while the breaths you release bring harm to others.
  5. I want to defeat you, but you don’t have anyone to look after you. That person is still me.
  6. Rolling your eyes won’t help you find anything in your head.
  7. I don’t know if you’re too dumb to understand or if I’m just really good at ignoring you.
  8. I decided to spend time with you because you are less attractive than me. This makes me appear more attractive.
  9. I hope that one day I can say something good and win the lottery. However, it’s unlikely to happen.
  10. Everything is changing, but you, my friend, remain unchanged.
  11. I have short friends to make myself appear taller.
  12. Can you take a break from me for the next fifty years? I want to experience life without you.

Clean Roasts For Your Friends

  1. Don’t look in the mirror in the morning, your face might ruin your day.
  2. You’re right, I can’t compete with you in terms of stupidity and foolishness.
  3. I understand why you’re involved in the drama, since your whole family works there.
  4. I regret letting you into my life.
  5. Why can’t you stop talking? No one is listening.
  6. Can you please stop embarrassing us? Four people already asked if I know you.
  7. I saved your pictures on my phone to protect it from viruses.
  8. God doesn’t need you, and we don’t either.
  9. If someone says you’re handsome, make sure it’s not April Fool’s Day.
  10. You make it hard for me to trust anyone because you are a fake friend.
  11. I agree with you because I don’t want you to cry.
  12. Hey, you’re so miserable that your shadow is also ugly.

Savage Roasts For Your Best Friend

When it comes to sharing a good roast, there’s nothing quite like doing it with your best friend. The anticipation builds as you both can’t wait for the perfect moment to unleash some savage and sarcastic comments. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting next to each other or chatting over text, any time is the right time for a hilarious roast between friends.

There’s something special about the dynamic between besties that allows us to push boundaries and find humor in even the most mundane situations. Whether you’re poking fun at each other’s fashion choices, embarrassing moments, or quirky habits, these roasts are meant exclusively for the closest of friendships.

Picture this: you’re having a laid-back hangout session with your best friend, perhaps lounging on a cozy couch together. Suddenly, an opportunity arises—a prime opening for a perfectly executed roast. The challenge lies in crafting that witty comment that will hit them just right, causing laughter and maybe even a playful punch on the arm.

But let’s not forget about those times when you two aren’t physically together. Thanks to technology, texting has become another avenue for indulging in some friendly banter. As you exchange messages filled with sarcasm and quick comebacks, the virtual space becomes an arena where creativity and wit are put to the test.


The beauty of these roasts is that they only work within the confines of such a close bond. Your best friend knows your quirks inside out—they’ve witnessed everything from your terrible dance moves to your embarrassing crushes—and they can expertly spotlight those hilarious aspects with their own biting sense of humor.

So, next time you find yourselves craving some lighthearted laughs and want to take teasing to the next level, don’t hold back! Whether face-to-face or through pixels on a screen, let the roasting begin among true besties who know how to balance laughter with unwavering support and love for one another.

  1. Genius people have their brains stored somewhere, but yours is not even in your body.
  2. Now I understand why your dad left you and your mom now.
  3. Dude, you’re amazing. I mean really bad.
  4. Your parents were joking when you were born.
  5. Your parent is really nice. I’m curious, how did they end up with you?
  6. Your home is silent when you’re not there.
  7. Can you please take a break from being friends with me?
  8. No one here wants to talk to you.
  9. Your good morning wishes only work if you don’t come.
  10. I’m jealous of how stupid you are. I wish I could be like you.
  11. Your strange personality motivates me to be normal.
  12. Text me when you get home so I know I’m safe from your nonsense.
  13. I always do the opposite of what you advise when I need guidance.
  14. When I’m with you, I notice that the more you speak, the more foolish you appear.


Good roasts aren’t just about shutting down your best friend or winning arguments. Sometimes they’re just for fun, when you have nothing else to do but hang out and make fun of each other.

Whenever you and your friends are bored of watching shows and want some live entertainment, start a roast battle. It doesn’t matter how harsh your roasts are, just make sure your friends won’t take it personally and be prepared for their comebacks.

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